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Call for Directors

General Employment/Contract opportunities



Auditions for "The Rented Christmas" (written by Norman C. Ahern, Jr. and Yvonne Ahern, and directed by Rachel Soland - -  playing November 17 - December 3, 2017 ) will be held at the Mantorville Opera House on Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30. Please arrive at 6:30 p.m. to sign in and get comfortable, with auditions beginning at 7:00.


This show has a broad spectrum of age ranges in the cast - from children through mature adults. Most roles are speaking parts, but the script also calls for a group of carolers. Please bring your personal calendars with any conflicts that you may have for rehearsals. Shows are scheduled Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons from November 17 through December 3 (including the Thanksgiving weekend)


The Mantorville Theatre Company is an open and welcoming organization. All of our actors are volunteers and our auditions are open to anyone who fits the requirements of the shows we produce.


Thanks to all who auditioned for both our summer melodrama season of four shows and our October dinner theatre show. Watch this space for news of our auditions for "The Rented Christmas", playing the last two weekends of November and the first (and perhaps the second) weekend of December.




Call for Directors


We are seeking directors (and possibly playwrights) for our future seasons.


Prospective Directors, please also submit 1 to 3 titles of shows that you would like to direct that you think would work well for our format and stage. If the show is original, please include a synopsis. You may also indicate that you are willing to work with show selections by the Board. Depending on the timeframe, the Board may select shows prior to selecting directors, or vice versa.


Although every rule was meant to be broken, we would like to fit in our season, as follows:


June through September: Our summer melodrama program, with four separately directed shows each beginning three-four weeks after the previous one.

Late October - Early November: Our "wild card" slot - We've done plays that are mysteries, ghost stories, full musicals, comedy, whatever. It will play for three-four weekends on Friday and Saturday evenings. Most recently, we have been very successful with a combination of interactive dinner-theatre and mystery theatre.

Late November - Early December:  Traditionally a holiday oriented, family oriented production, sometimes musical and sometimes not, opening the Friday of either Thanksgiving weekend or the prior weekend and playing Friday, Saturday, Sunday for three-four weekends.

February: A romantic comedy playing for three-four weekends on Friday and Saturday evenings, and  Sunday afternoons. We have occasionally strayed from this and done a full musical.

March: Recently, we have chosen to have a single show in the March timeframe, rather than attempting both a February and an April show. The genre is flexible.

April: A farce or similarly raucous comedy playing three weekends on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons



Employment/Contract opportunities


The Mantorville Theatre Company is currently receiving applications for the 2017 and 2018 seasons. The following positions are available:
....... Directors and Playwrights

....... Piano player(s)
....... Set builder(s)
....... Costumer(s)
....... Box Office manager

and, depending on the shows,

....... Musical music director

....... Dinner Theatre House manager

....... Dinner Theatre Kitchen manager


Artistic positions include contractual stipends. The box office position includes a hourly wage.


If you are interested in becoming an artistic contractor or an employee for the Mantorville Theatre Company, please contact us at:
....... mantorvilletheatre@yahoo.com

or fill out and submit the form at the base of this page.

or write to us at:
....... Mantorville Theatre Company
....... PO Box 194
....... Mantorville, MN 55955

(we pick up our mail about once a week, so it really is "snail mail")