Assassins Auditions

Written by Stephen Sondheim, directed by Sarah Schaller.  Auditions July 8 & 9  at  6:00 PM. This is a musical, so please have a song prepared and bring sheet music.  See you there!


  • JOHN WILKES BOOTH – An actor and passionate champion of the South during the Civil War.
  • GIUSEPPE ZANGARA – A short (under five feet) immigrant who failed to kill Franklin Roosevelt because he had to stand on a chair and it wobbled.
  • LEON CZOLGOSZ – The son of Polish immigrants, a worker in a glass factory and supporter of anarchist groups.
  • JOHN HINCKLEY – A man who shot President Reagan and three others to impress a girl he’d never met.
  • CHARLES GUITEAU – A Republican who wrote a campaign speech for President Garfield and ended up shooting him to promote the sales of his book.
  • SARA JANE MOORE – A five-times married FBI informer who tried to kill President Ford to re-establish her radical credentials.
  • LYNETTE “SQUEAKY FROMME – A member of the “family” of disciples of the mass murderer Charles Manson, who pulled a gun on President Ford so she could call Charlie as a witness.
  • SAMUEL BYCK – An unemployed loner who picketed the White House on Christmas Eve dressed as Santa Claus and died trying to implement his assassination plan at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.
  • LEE HARVEY OSWALD – A stock boy in the Texas School Book Depository.
  • THE BALLADEER – A singing witness to national catastrophe.
  • THE PROPRIETOR – The insinuating barker of a fairground shooting gallery.
  • DAVID HEROLD – Booth’s accomplice.
  • EMMA GOLDMAN – An anarchist celebrity.
  • GERALD FORD – Briefly President of the United States, 1974-1977.
  • JAMES GARFIELD – President of the United States, briefly, in 1881.

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