Sex Please, We’re 60!


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“Sex Please, We’re 60!” Written by Micheal Parker and Susan Parker and  Directed by Cheryl Frarck – playing April 6 – April 22, 2017

Mrs. Stancliffe’s Rose Cottage Bed & Breakfast has been successful for many years. Her Guests (nearly all women) return year after year. Her next-door neighbor, the elderly, silver-tongued, Bud “Bud the Stud” Davis believes they come to spend time with him in romantic liaisons. The prim and proper Mrs. Stancliffe steadfastly denies this, but really doesn’t do anything to prevent it. She reluctantly accepts the fact that “Bud the Stud” is, in fact, good for business. When her other neighbor and would-be suitor Henry Mitchell, a retired chemist, develops a blue pill called “Venusia,” after Venus the goddess of love, the post-menopausal patrons of the Rose Cottage B&B start looking for “Bud”ing romance!

Auditions for 2 males and 4 females are Friday Jan 12 and Saturday, Jan 13 at 7 PM at the Mantorville Opera House in historic Mantorville, MN. Be there are 6:30 PM to check in.  See you at the Opera House!