The Rented Christmas


“The Rented Christmas” Written by Norman C. Ahern, Jr. and Yvonne Ahern, and directed by Rachel Soland – –  playing November 17 – December 3, 2017

John Dale hasn’t enjoyed a “real Christmas” for years. So, on the spur of the moment, he decides to “rent” a Christmas from a rental shop making the claim “We’ll rent anything.” Anne Weston, who owns the local rent shop, is at first flustered with the requirements: a tree with presents, Christmas carols and also a wife and five children. Anne feels she has solved the problem of a Christmas family by calling the actors’ guild. But the young actors come down with the measles so she turns to the local orphanage. When the guild can’t locate a “mother,” Anne steps in to play the role herself. Based on the short story by J. Lillian Vandervere, the story of how John Dale’s rented Christmas turns into a new life for all concerned makes this a warm story for the holiday season.